Project Description


Light Art, Series of 4 LED lamps

The other side of the moon is the lunar hemisphere that faces away from the earth and is also often called the dark side of the moon. But it is in fact not true to be dark. This other side is almost equally lit by the sun as the hemisphere that faces the earth. Because of the earth’s and moon’s synchronous rotation and the moon’s orbit it is lit but never visible from the earth. Of course with modern space discovery we may know exactly what this invisible side looks like but in our minds it will always remain a place of longing and imagination.

This series of luminous colourful circular lamps explores and inspires different fantasies of what this mythical place may look like.

On exhibition at:

“Works of Paradise” at The Kungers, Sai Kung (HK),  7-23 April 2023

“Maginificient Eight” at The Fringe, Central (HK), 6-12 May 2023