Project Description


Kinetic/Sound Art Installation

DC motors, recycled material, found objects

For this project I collaborated with secondary school students from them Yew Chung International School, Hong Kong. During their Experiential Learning Week I worked with a mixed group of students to create this installation. In the process of art making we integrated ecological concepts such as using recycled material, found objects and renewable energy generated by a bicycle as well as thinking about how sounds can affect us. We asked questions on how sounds and visuals can modulate a certain atmosphere?

The making of the group artwork gave the students a valuable experience to learn new skills from soldering to simple mechanical engineering, while exploring collaboration and new art forms.

Every student created their own kinetic mechanism which has its own identity and creates a unique sound. Each piece moves and chimes in its own rhythm, but all pieces together form and resonate in a mesmerising group installation. Emerging from a cacophony of different pitches and tempi a cadence of ticks and tocks, of rotating ups and downs, an enchanting symphony of sounds invites the audience to stay, to sit down and listen.

Yew Chung Foundation 90th Anniversary Exhibition,
Pao Galleriess, Hong Kong Arts Centre

29 September – 4 October 2022