Project Description


Collaboration in a public art project

My artwork Greenspace 5457 is part of the public artwork “Round 72”, a project conceived by Angelo Roventa.

“Round 72” are seventy-two tree trunks standing in for seventy-two artists as a digital archive at the Bregenz harbour. The tree trunks represent 72 artists and their works on the theme of equality and respect for all living beings. The intermezzo of art through the pandemic has encouraged the transfer of many artworks to the digital; a QR code leads to a website where the works can be seen.

“Round 72” is a plea for the importance of art in public perception. Angelo Roventa constantly poses critical questions around man’s housing and shelter in this world.

To be seen at the Bregenz harbour front: May—December 2021

Greenspace 5457 in the online catalogue at: