Project Description


Light Sculpture

Competion Entry
Won the Excellence Award

Glory is a light sculpture that excites at night and day time. The sculpture is an asymmetrical faceted form that draws the attention on multiple levels, making its perceived shape, size and volume shift through movement of the admirer around the object.

It is made from stainless steel pierced with a hole pattern that allows the air to pass through. Inside the sculpture a lamp lights up and projects the hole pattern into the surrounding at night and becomes an oversize lampshade. The hole pattern can be discovered from different angles and distances unlit as well as illuminated. Looking closer, blurred shapes of someone bowing become visible within the pattern. The gesture of bowing can also be interpreted into the tilted three-dimensional form of the faceted sculpture, reminding us to respect and honour our spheres.

The sculpture Glory is an honourable bow towards the person entering the building.

Shenzhen in collaboration with the HK Arts Centre