Project Description


Light Mural
Stainless Steel, changing coloured LED lights, spotlights
5m x 3m

I enriched my previous work In Clover with changing coloured LED lights. The colours are hues of the rainbow and change at slow speed – mesmerising the audience. The In Clover tree grows in an enchanted garden surrounded by buzzing insects that invites everybody into a world of serenity.

The work is inspired by Chinese painting, depicting flora and fauna. The traditional graphical work has come to life in this installation. The 2D stainless steel insects enfold to three-dimensional creatures, virtually humming, because their shadows and reflections bring them into full being. The interchanging coloured light animate the entire work into a delighting world of its own.

The installation is thought to enlight private as well as corporate spaces with an extraordinary flair. It can be customised for different environments and into variable dimensions.

To be seen in the exhibition ‘Beyond Walls’ at Blue Lotus Gallery, Fotan
4th of September 2011 until 2nd of October 2011