Project Description


Group Show

For this groupshow I have made a new piece “Excercise on What’s on Paper’.

Press Release about the show:
On December 11th (6:00 pm), at the Visual Art Center (Admiralty, Hong Kong Park), What’s on Paper is destined to be a shining gala. It has gathered 36 of the crème de la crème local artists in presenting their recent works on paper. Quite a few are extremely influential teachers from various universities, including Siu Kee Ho, David Clarke, Lukas Tam, Jane Liu, Cornelia Erdmann, Chun Fei Chow, etc. Works of Frog King Kwok and Shirley Tse, who have represented Hong Kong in the Venice Biennale (2011 and 2019 respectively), will also be featured. Furthermore, multi-disciplinary artists’ works, including Zunzi, Night Fung, Poon san, Gerard Henry and Tim Li will meet the public. Last but not least, Uncle Chim and Aries Lee, both of whom have coined their names in Hong Kong art history are taking part, which makes the exhibition a ‘Not-to-miss’. All art lovers are warmly invited to come and cheer for these artists and for the self-motivated and organized party!

December 12th to 16th, 2019 (Wednesday to Monday),
10:00am till 9:00pm
Hong Visual Arts Centre, 7A Kennedy Road (above Admiralty), Hong Kong
Free and open to the public

12月11日傍晚六時 金鐘(香港公園)視覺藝術中心的 ’What’s on Paper’ 聯展開幕,無疑一場璀燦盛會,因為這「紙上作品」展滙集過36位本土藝壇絕頂高手,涵括了各學府藝術老師(何兆基、David Clarke、譚偉平、廖少珍 、Cornelia Erdmann、周俊輝 etc.),又或者兩屆代表香港出席威尼斯雙年展的蛙王郭孟浩和謝淑妮,以及好些跨界別聞人,例如尊子、馮禮慈、潘源良、Gerard Henry、李民偉,不一而足,更有歐陽乃霑和李福華兩位前輩坐鎮,讓是次展覽倍覺星光熠熠,一時無兩,尤其考慮純屬藝術家們自發自資活動,旨在與觀眾分享創作成果,真箇難能可貴,現誠邀 閣下抽空參加酒會,蒞臨暢飲聊天交流,舊雨新知,不亦樂乎。

地點: 堅尼地道7號A(地鐵金鐘站花園之巔)
費用: 全免