Project Description


Public Art, Light-Type Interactive Installation
Flourescent Letters, LED Spotlights, Timer
1.50m x 12m x 4m

This playful installation in front of the MCA invites interaction in its exploration of touch in life and art.

A variation of the artwork was originally conceived and realised by Cornelia Erdmann and Michael Lee for the iLight Festival 2010 in Singapore. TOUCH. (DO NOT PLEASE THE WORK OF ART) is a new site-specific versrion for the Vivid Festival in Sydney.

The work plays on the demarcation of touch in society – what we can touch, who we can touch, appropriate touch and the emotional connotations of touch. She explores the paradox of touch in a light festival. The glow in the dark painted installation will come to life at night with stroboscope spotlights and capture passers-by when they are touching, looking and passing the artwork, casting their silhouettes and shadows like an instant personal graffiti.

To be seen during Vivid Sydney, 27th of May until 13th of June, 2011