Project Description


Public art, Light-Type interactive installation
Flourescent Letters, LED Spotlights, Timer
1.7m x 40m x 6m
In collaboration with Michael Lee Hong-Hwee
Sponsored by Philips

To touch light, leave a trace of your existence, a shadow of your silhouette. Using the sense touch in a light festival is a paradox. Touch is a paradox. On the one hand, it is so essential in human existence that babies are known to die without it. On the other hand, human civilisation consists in demarcating what can be touched, who can do the touching and when touching is appropriate. Of course, the word ‘touch’ is also used analogically to refer to the stirring of emotions. Across history and culture, such moments have been represented through the visualization of light that connects the subject to the object of such emotional touch.

»Touch. Do Not Please The Work of Art« is a light installation site-specific to the bridge passage at the Esplanade bridge.The intervention aimes at exploring the meanings of touch in life and art. The sentence ‘Touch. Do Not Please The Work of Art’ is applied on the long wall using glow-in-the-dark letters. In the day only the title of the work as a protrusion on the wall is visible and touchable. At night time the words come to life, they glow. Stroboscope spotlights highlight the passage every 30 seconds for an instance. The words light up and shine. Passers-by, when touching, looking or just passing the artwork will cast their silhouette shadows onto the installation. They will leave an instant personal grafitti behind.

To be seen during iLight Marina Bay Light Festival, Singapore, 15th of October until 7th of November, 2010