Project Description


Exhibition, Group show

Summer Delights presents works by gallery artists, including Cornelia Erdmann, Sarah Lai, Lee Kit, Christopher Ku, Silvia Chan, Yolanda Yeung, Maria Isabel Parra et al. This is an opportunity to revisit works shown in previous exhibitions, but also to discover some of the artists’ latest creations on display for the first time. The selected works convey energy, color and power.

Works shown are Mirrors, In Clover Elements and some jewellery I made for the show. Some jewellery are pendants made from white concrete with prints. Another series are necklaces from crocheted wire and second-hand buttons. And pendants made from acrylic resin with photo prints inlayed.

Lee Kit李傑
Tsang Chui Mei 曾翠薇
Cornelia Erdmann 泥人
Betty Lo 勞穎雯
Carrie Lam 林瑩瑩
Christopher Ku 谷敏昭
Silvia Chan 陳璟佩
Sarine Chan 陳雪盈
Sue Lai 賴筠婷
Sum Wing Man 沈詠敏
Jasmine Ho 何詩敏
Yolanda Yeung 楊宇靈
Sarah Lai 黎卓華
Maria Isabel Parra

To be seen in the group show Summer Delights, at the Blue Lotus Gallery, Fo Tan,
Hong Kong (HK) from June to August 2009