Project Description


9 architectural cushions, 4 photoprints of Squatters placed in public space
Used Fabrics, Stuffing
Dimensions Variable

Squatters are architectural cushions. They are made site-specific to cuddle on St. Francis Street’s handrails along the slope outside Uma-G gallery. Sitting on the handrails they softly squat the public space. The handmade cushions are architectural character dolls. Their shapes remind of buildings and houses found across Europe, but also in Hong Kong: a saddle roof-style, flat roof-style, high-rise or low-rise-houses.

The »Squatters« are made of fabric with family and personal history, like the old tablecloth from my grandparents, a kitchen towel of my mother’s or from a curtain of my playroom as I was a child.

This work reflects the idea of »Heimat« – home – I use pieces of textiles related to my family and home to make them fit into my new home Hong Kong.

To be seen in the exhibtion «Domesticities» from March 2nd until April 4th 2007 at gallery Uma-G, Hong Kong.