Project Description


Concrete Sculpture

Bauhaus-University Weimar has different buildings scattered all over the town, many of them not even recognizable as university buildings. To strengthen the visability of the institution the four main buildings are pointed out by elegant pillars made from a self-densening white concrete with perspex-letter inlays.

From making the moulds to creating the recipe for the concrete the signposts are entirely made and designed by Cornelia Erdmann with support of Bauhaus-University departments. The concrete recipe is a specially made recipe mixed from white cement and white marble aggregate to achieve a very smooth and shiny surface.

The perspex letters are CNC-milled and designed in a way that they will stick into the concrete without any extra fixing.

The overall design idea is to reflect Bauhaus-University’s motto to integrate art and technology. The signposts appearance is simple but with elaborate details.

The signposts are located at four places in Weimar´s city: next to Marienstrasse 18, in front of Coudraystrasse 11 and in front of Bauhausstrasse 11 as well as at
Steubenstrasse 6.