Project Description


Digital drawings exposed on slides, presented on neon lights.
Slides, Neon Lights Tube

Yellowed wall paper from a derelict GDR prefab concrete building that is bound to be demolished – the Lighthouse. The different newspaper fragments reappear as textile patterns in different everyday living situations. The drawings flitter irritatingly between sterility and the decrepit authenticity of the found relic from the past. They try to capture memories that are slowly fading.
Somehow, this work is a documentation of the documentation. The wall paper taken from the Interiors is used and transformed into again a new piece of art.

Already in this work I intended to expand the idea of drawings. »Seatings« are drawn in the computer. And instead of priniting them on paper the drawings are collages developed onto slide film.

To be seen in the exhibtion »Domesticities« from March 2nd until April 4th 2007 at gallery Uma-G, Hong Kong.