Project Description


Interactive Spatial Installation

Architecture is a slow medium. It communicates its informations through centuries. Human beings averagely only get 75 years old. How can they use architecture to transport spontaneous information? How can they leave behind traces? How can they make architecture their own?

A scanner produces a code for a time sequence. Time and space are brought together in an abstract picture that reflects a movement. scanning enhances the communication possibilities of architecture by the means
of scanners.

A scanner wall is set up in an experimental minimal space. The scanners perpetually scan the environment and conserve the traces of the visitors. On the opposite side of the scanners the traces are visualized on a wall of screens. They stay visible until they are overlayered
by new traces.

The feedback between reality, the image and its projection poses the question of time and space, of change and memory.

Realized as part of the Siemens Designlab Communication and Architecture; shown
during the Design-Parcours 2003 in Munich
in July 2003.