Project Description


Experimental shortfilm
4 min

ReKult is an experimental shortfilm that was made in connection with the website-based project The film has a humorous approach to advertise a different kind of tourism to the Niederlausitz which is a landscape scared by coalmining in the state of Brandenburg, Germany. We advocate for a positive outlook!

The former coalmine next to the city of Cottbus will be flooded. The water is comming already and huge sand dunes and beaches are there, too. However, it will take for the lake to be complete until the year 2050. But that doesn’t stop us, the earlier we start, the better and more will follow. Dreary grass lines are freshend up. We roll out our green artificial turf and enjoy our sunny beach day, tune in our radio and gase at the horizon, imagining seagulls chirping and icy drink vendors to come by. All is wonderful, and all will be fine, one day!

Video in collaboration with Jutta Roßgotterer
Camera: Azim Akcivan
Editing: Cornelia Erdmann & Jutta Roßgotterer

ReKult won 1st prize at Experimentell’99,
video and film competition at Bauhaus-University Weimar.

and won 4th prize at the Halloren Rolle 1999,
international film festival, Halle, Germany.

The entire project won the 1st prize at “Die Neuen Medien – Der Raum und die Grenzen”,
architecture competition by Kulturkreises im BDI e.V. (cultural association of the German national industries)