Project Description


Proposal for the Public Art Competion held by the Art Promotion Office in Hong Kong in January 2007 won a honourable mention.
Arylic Sheets, Stainless Steel

At the entrance to the Ko Shan Road park a curved concrete wall sweeps into the park and guides the visitor to the Ko Shan Theatre. So far the wall is dull and grey. Now, a radiant display of red transparent peony blossoms and leaves flower along the wall. Like the sequined hem of a glamorous Cantonese Opera costume it attracts the passerby. The peonies and leaves adorning the wall are an appliqué. Mounted with bolts onto the wall they compose a floating ornamental decoration, hence turning the wall into a vivid piece of textile.

The red translucent acrylic sheet creates reflections and shadows of flowers, leaves and branches, thus designing a playful double image of lush red and dark blossoms and leaves onto the otherwise dull concrete wall. From close-up the hedge of flowers is a defragmented attraction of abstract shapes and colours created by light and shadow of the material. Only from the distance the peonies come into full bloom.

These peonies flower all year round. They become an eyecatcher for everyone that misses the fragrance of peony-blossoms – not only in snow.