Project Description


Fashion and Lifestyle Label

metrobag is a fashion and lifstyle label. The metrobag collection is designed and fabricated by Lela Erdmann (aka Cornelia Erdmann).

The collection is fashion and accessory at the same time created for the needs of contemporary city-nomads. The mainly transparent garments are bags and keeping untensil and trendy fashion combined in one piece of clothing. I feel at home where I have all my intimate belongings with me. Instead of carrying them loosely, I have everything visible on my body.

Metrobag was shown twice a fashion performance: in August 1999 as part of the group show cavelab in Frankfurt/M. (D) and in October 1999 on the opening of the group show Five City Project in Tokyo (J).

The exhibition was shown in a public square in the middle of the lively electric district of Akihabara in Tokyo. According to the surrounding, the fashion and styling was performed with a Tokyo-DJ and a fast choreography that filled the space.