Project Description



Stainless steel, spot lights

Commissioned artworks
The residence Lexington Hill is a new exclusive redevelopment in the upcoming and thriving district of Kennedy Town in Hong Kong. The artworks are commissioned for the Clubhouse reception area of the high-class apartment complex. The Lexington Tree is located at the lift lobby in a secluded niche. The niche with the tree growing along the wall and the insects give the illusion of being actually a window bay to a garden.

In the Function Room of the Clubhouse the Lexington Hill Mirror repeats the natural elements – different leaves and insects – created in the same material as the tree in the lobby, linking the two spaces. The mirror’s surface is broken up by leaves and insect’ s shapes that are bent out and give an interesting fragmented reflection of its environment.
Commissions created for the residential property
Lexington Hill at Kennedy Town (HK)
in collaboration with Olive Wong Art Consultancy