Project Description


School community project

Plaster, sand, paint, glue

For the school which my sons attend, I designed an installation that was meant for and let the entire school community play a part in. For the annual Creative Sunday, I wanted to make a workshop for the students and parents where the outcome would be a permanent artwork and at the same time they would learn a new or unfamiliar sculptural art making technique – to work hands-on and hands-dirty which is often something that not many people have a chance to do in Hong Kong.

The original idea was to create a motto wall on the playground with words taken from the school’s mission and vision. Words like ‘curiosity’, ‘appreciation’, ‘openminded’ or ‘tolerance’ would each be made from individually crafted plaster letters by students/with parents. The idea of the piece was to fully engage everybody, to create something together that will be on display for all to appreciate and to be proud of, something that would last for the school community.

During the workshop we started making the letters, but ran out of time to complete all envisioned words. Luckily, a group of year 6 students, Reina, Ellis, Virginia and Mary-Anne, agreed to complete the artwork as part of their year 6 exhibition project. We agreed that instead of making the words, they would prefer a full sentence instead. The sentence is also taken from the school’s vision: Knowledge is powerful. We felt this sentence will be stronger.

I helped the girls with another workshop and taught them how to make the letters with the sand-casting technique. In the end they managed well and completed the work with the aid of selected other students that helped with painting the letters.

Sha Tin Junior School (HK)