Project Description


Public Interactive Installation

interplay is a temporary installation designed by Matthias Klöpfel and Jens Wille entirely from white plastic crates for bottles. At the heart of the installation is an illuminated bar that is surrounded by a variety of different seats and sitting moduls. During the weeks of the Hamburg Architektursommer this ensemble surfaces unexpectedly at different places to re-interpret the urban space for a couple of hours or days. The idea is to reconquer the public space by artistic means.

interplay offers various artists the opportunity to use its modular concept for their own purpose.

So does scanning, which appears with interplay for one night on the platform of a parking deck. In this version of interscanning the scanners are arranged horizontally in a square. The monitors tower in the middle and display a 360-degree reflexion of the users’ play of public exposure: hide and seek can begin.

Shown in collaboration with interplay at
the Architektursommer Hamburg 03 in
September 2003.

A documentation video