Project Description


Participatory artwork

A while ago, Peter has found several bags of white buttons in the trash at the AVA. He brought them to the studio. I had made buttons and glue bowls with the kids, necklaces for my friends and name pictures with it, but still had several bags left. So, my idea was to make an installation with them, a work in progress, for Fotanian. A wall installation that would grow over time, people could watch me work.

I wanted to nail the white buttons on a board and with the light they should cast dotted shadows and the whole installation becomes a polka-dotted minimal landscape playing with light and texture.

However, things went differently. I laid out the buttons on my desk, had my tools ready, but I never got round to actually pursue the project and get the nails up on to the board. I was too busy talking to my guests and visitors. Instead, the studio visitors started playing with the buttons, creating their own installations. I liked how it became an interactive work in progress by my visitors.
Fotanian 2016