Project Description


A site-specific immersive installation

A ship cuts through the waves, towing behind a small object looking a bit like a waterproof flashlight. Every so often the object creates a pulse of sound, a high-pitched “ping”, not audible above the surface, but travelling for miles under the waves until it’s reflected by the seabed down in the eternal darkness of the ocean. A little while later the ping’s much softer echo will be picked by the ship’s receivers.

As the ship unfailingly ploughs the water in ever new parallel furrows, continuously communicating with the grounds below, an abstract drawing of glowing lines emerges out of the dark, tracing the hidden landscape that may never actually be seen otherwise.

In her installation Inside Configurations, Cornelia Erdmann explores the sonar’s potential as a metaphor for the atmospheric investigation of the ephemeral intangible, yet experiential quality of space. This artificial landscape of abstract lines and light objects built inside the gallery challenges the in-between of the material world and us, extends our perception and thus our imagination, converging physical environment with felt space in instances of contiguity.
Goethe-Institut Hong Kong
14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wanchai
9-31 May 2018
Opening: 10 May 2018, 7pm


Inside Configurations: Lines, Light and Nodes of Convergence from laiyanprojects on Vimeo.