Project Description


Wall Relief, Light Sculpture
Stainless Steel, Spotlights
Dimensions Variable

To ‘live In Clover’ means to live in ease and luxury. The wall installation is inspired by Chinese ink paintings that depict flora and fauna composed in rich details yet stylised, with vacant spaces to create an exciting aesthetic of positive and negative, of ying and yang. In Clover is a nature composition with a suggestion of spring and vitality, all the same it renders how opposites only exist in relation to each other in the natural world.

In the installation various insects buzz around a tree, all cut from stainless steel sheet. The tree-like clover branches entwine along the wall and ceiling as a 2D object that is enlivened by its surroundings. The shiny mirroring metal leaves catch all light, colour and movement in the space. At the same time they reflect a delicate floral pattern of light onto the ground. Three dimensional butterflies and dragonflies buzz between the exuberant leaves – some exist only in halves, one half of their body and one wing. The insects only come to their complete lives with their bodies’ reflections of light and shadow. Thus, the threefold of the insects’ shapes from metal, light and shadow create an illusion of positive and negative as if they are alive and actually buzz between the leaves.

To be seen in the exhibition Lala-Land at Blue Lotus Gallery, Fotan Hong Kong, 21 Dec. 2008 until end of January 2009.

* The Elements are sold separately. It is very affordable art! Buy a few pieces and create your own installation for your home.

A price list with an overview of all the available Elements can be download here.