Project Description

Public art intervention/gallery installation

Live postcards: installation and performance in Weimar/Venice
Table, table cloth, laptop, web-camera, internet connection

Sitting at the table, day-dreaming… A postcard: thinking about home, travelling by mind. Postcards are always testimonies of the past, even if it was the recent past. And postcards don´t change. They connect people here and there.

A table and a chair are placed in the gallery in Venice . On the table surface appear live-postcards directly from Weimar: images from somewhere else rendered into the present space. Like postcards these images show a certain site and signal random events that happen just then at a very different location. Weimar becomes part of everyday life in Venice and potentially the other way round. The technology behind this installation uses live webcams that live-stream what is going on on one of Weimar’s most touristic spot, the Theaterplatz. From there, the passers-by can send specials messages to Italy.

From Weimar with Love!

This installation was part of the group show «Export-Heimat» by AG Tiefseh shown at the gallery of the foundation Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice, April 28 until May 15. The postcards/performances could be seen simultaniously on the internet and on Theater-Square in Weimar