Project Description


9 pierced drawings on 9 red plastic lamp shades
Plastic, Light Bulb

Red lamp shades as they can be found at every food stall, on every wet market in Hong Kong are pierced with drawings of the foods and goods sold underneath them. When the lights are on, the lampshades turn into a medium of the common, the normal: lively, fruity, yet completely virtual.

Red lamps hang in a square grid from the ceiling until about 70 cm above floor level, thus creating a dense object-like installation floating in mid-air in the gallery-space. When turned on, the piercings in the lampshades are projected onto all gallery surfaces. As the shades hang very low though, the pierced patterns can also be viewed directly as three-dimensional drawings.

To be seen in the exhibition Domesticities March 2nd until April 4th 2007, Gallery Uma-G, Hong Kong.