Project Description


15 Pierced Drawings on 15 Red Plastic Lamp Shades
Installation in 2 places

The Red A lamp shades are a very common and typical Hong Kong product, actually made in Hong Kong until the production line was stopped recently. They can be found at every food stall, on every wet market around town and represent Hong Kong’s most original everyday culture. As they are not produced anymore, the everyday product of lamp shades themselves have become a precious artefact of historic value.

When the lights are on, the lampshades turn into a medium of the common, the normal of Hong Kong culture: lively, almost palatable, yet completely virtual and real at the same time.

The artwork installation Goods is a series of lamp shades with pierced hole drawings of the goods of Shodoshima Island. The concept is to bring Hong Kong to Japan and merge the cultures. Some lamp shades are placed in a cafe that sells special Hong Kong delicacies during the festival made with local ingredients. The project was established in collaboration with Sense Art Studio.

To be seen on Shodoshima Island, Japan during the Setouchi International Art Festival 2010, July 19th – Ocotber 31st 2010