Project Description


Commissioned Artwork; participatory

Plywood, paint, nails, 1,609m of copper wire with gold colour coating

The name Golden Mile is a reminiscence of the olden days of Nathan Road, when it got established in the early 20th century. The Holiday Inn took its name being at the centre of the Golden Mile when it was built in 1975. Since 2016 it has undergone refurbishment and to celebrate the re-launch an artwork was commissioned.

The artwork Golden Mile pays homage to the history of its place as well as to our longing for this legendary time. It represents the past time of peace, prosperity and happiness – a different time for all of us, we all remember individually – but all hold dearly.

The artwork is made from one mile of gold colour coated copper wire. One mile are 1,609 metres. 1,609 meters of golden wire winds between nails in straight lines, yet forming circular and curved patterns due to a geometrical phenomenon. The circular shapes correspond to the hotel lobby’s design, bringing the space, its history and identity together.

The conceptual idea is that the artist begins the journey of the pattern making and completes the artwork during the re-launch event of the Holiday Inn Golden Mile together with the audience. The completion of the artwork is an interactive experience for the invited guests accomplishing together the Golden Mile.

Collection of Holiday Inn Golden Mile,
Tsim Sha Tsui (HK)
In collaboration with MobArt Gallery