Project Description


Commissioned Artworks
2 Sets of Wall Reliefs

Stainless steel, LED spotlights

The wall installation is inspired by Chinese ink paintings of nature sceneries that depict nature – vegetation and live animals, composed in rich details, yet abstracted. These tableaux often play with vacant spaces, the positive and the negative, to create an exciting aesthetic. In the installation various insects buzz around a tree, all cut from stainless steel. The tree leaves entwine along the wall as a 2D object that is revived by the light reflections of its surrounding. The shiny mirroring metal leaves catch all light, colour and movement in the space.

At the same time they reflect a delicate floral pattern of light onto the ground. Three dimensional butterflies created by light and shadow reflections seem to buzz along the wall. Thus, they only exist in halves, one half of their body and wing. The insects come to their complete lives with their bodies’ reflections of light and shadow. This threefold of the insects and the tree”s physical metal shapes and the intangible light and shadow create an illusion as if the garden scene is actually alive – a Garden Delight.

Double Cove Phase II, Lobbies of Block 18-19 & 20-21, Lok Wo Sha (HK)
Partners: Eric Leung, Henderson Land