Project Description


Public Art
Site-Specific Light Installation
Electro-luminous wire

The work Fancy/Lightweight is a very delicate yet mesmerising light installation, placing oversized fans, made of strands of light in the canope structures in front of the ArtScience Museum. The sculptures are made from electro-luminous wires, attached to existing structures. They form and segment the space, fanning out into the environment, offering the audience an altered experience of a familiar site. Each sculpture is made in a different coloured wire. The fine coloured lines overleigh each other, creating a spider web-like maze on site.

The hand fan is a very Asian accessory that developed a variety of functional and cultural uses during its long history. Obviously, its primary function has always been for fanning air for cooling in hot weather. But it also grew symbolic meanings as for example for ‘friendship’, ‘respect’ and ‘good wishes’, which make fans important (stage) props in cultures all over Asia, as well as meaningful presents for special occasions.

At the same time aimes the artwork to manifest the light festival’s intention to be sustainable. For the installation very little material is used that yet has a large spatial impact. The light wire is very energy-efficient and most of the material can be re-used.

The work is part of the iLight Marina Bay 2012 light festival.
March 9 until April 1, 2012

The artwork is located in front of the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands