Project Description


Commissioned permanent artwork

LED lights, controller, ink on paper

Cumulus means “heap” or “pile” in Latin. A cumulus is a type of cloud with a vertical development and clearly defined edges. They are often puffy and cotton-like in appearance. Those clouds appear alone, in lines or in clusters.

A cloud is an ephemera. Clouds are oneiric structures in the sky that inspire our fantasy and imagination when we look at them. We all have played the game of finding the elephant within their formations. We have built castles in the sky, or if we are on cloud nine, we are happily in love.

The Cumulus in this installation are made from programmed white LED globes that change their white colour temperatures, from warm to cold white, in a twinkling movement. The clouds are formed from transparent lantern paper wrapped around them in wild piles and shapes, accumulating in the centre of the shop to a full cumulus.

The paper has been painted with blue ink brush strokes and abstract patterns that prompt in us the “guess-what-I-see-game” on a further level. At the same time is the ink painting and the medium paper the link of the artwork to the local culture. Fine paper is genuine Asian material that has been invented in China at the Han court as in the second century AD.

White is the dominating colour of the shop’s design scheme for the decoration elements. White was chosen in association to China and the connotation of chinaware. However, the blue ink relates to the denim colour of the shop’s products.

Client: Lee Jeans Flagship store Asia,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Art Consultant: Blue Lotus Consultancy, Hong Kong
Architects: SAQ, Brussels & Three Dogs Design, Hong Kong