Project Description


Site-specific installation

PVC tape, hooks, cable ties, UV spotlights

The installation is a minimalistic intervention created site-specifically. A continuum of lines forming triangular fan shapes, unfold between the columns and the walkway structure. The installation picks up lines from the surrounding landscape and from within the space, as yet tying in a space by themselves and thus creating a new abstract landscape in neon orange on its own. The suspended landscape is changing the site, but also itself with every step the viewer does. While walking through and looking at it from different angles the lines open up new perspectives and invite to ponder in an altered wonderland.

The ‘wonderland’ is not just a fantasy. The summer of 2019 is an especially tense and significant momentum for Hong Kong. Its people demonstrate for their future in freedom. The tape utilised for this installation, I have used for various installations since 2014. It is the same barrier tape used by law enforcement to keep people out of specific areas. It has been used then, during the umbrella movement, and is prominent on the streets now. Instead of lines of barriers the orange tape shapes a space and resumes here in something beautiful, in an abstracted landscape, to allow continuity for optimism: Barriers can be overcome.

In the group show
Wonderland – The heArt of Summer
The Repulse Bay (HK)