Project Description


Concrete reliefs
white cement, sand, water with
black or coloured prints

Haus I 34.5cm x 16cm
Haus II 34.5cm x 16cm
Branches I 16cm x 34.5cm
Branches II 16cm x 34.5cm
Branches III 49cm x 34.5cm

The series of different concrete reliefs are finger exercises for ideas for larger installations.
The molds are hand-made and the reliefs are hand-drawn as a positive with silicon
into the mold.

The concept is to produce large concrete tiles that can cover entire wall spaces – making the building material far more interesting and exuberant than a mere architectural element. The relief trials play with different themes and materials combined with the concrete and the relief technique by applying prints on the surface or coloured tissue paper to the mold that leaves marks in texture and colour.