Project Description


9 architectural cushions, 4 photoprints of Squatters placed in public space
Used Fabrics, Stuffing
Dimensions Variable

Taken from the press release: Curated by artists Lee Chun-fung and Michael Lee Hong-hwee, this exhibition aims to provide a platform for Hong Kong artists to explore their personal interpretations of space. Adding the prefix ‘An’ to the word ‘architecture’ yields the exhibition’s keyword ‘Anarchitecture’, suggesting an ‘anarchic’ slant in the definition and use of public space. Amidst city living, such as in Hong Kong, where space is limited and also strictly defined, these artists offer alternative views of how one can think, feel and do with space in refreshing ways.

On show are works by over 30 established and emerging artists dealing with different subthemes including personal and collective memory, private and public space, studio space, voyeurism, destruction, discipline and disorder, graffiti, town planning, and familial relationship.

Squatters are placed in the gallery on a bamboo stick along with pictures. Find out more about the Squatters read here.

To be seen in the exhibition «Anarchitecture Bananas» at Artist Commune, Hong Kong from March 29 until April 17, 2008.

Exhibition catalogue:
Anarchitecture Banananas
Press Coverage:
SCMP, March 27 2008: Preview