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Interactive Toys

The exhibition I’m trying to tell you I love you shows works by 14 young artists from Europe and the USA. It was curated and produced by the Chicago-based artist Ryan Weber.

The artists are asked to produce a piece specifically along the lines of the exhibition-title. Intension is to visualize traditional ideas of authenticity through the example of a seemingly sacred emotion: love. It researchs the moment, when language fails and communication becomes impossible.

At this moment come in the Pebbles. Pebbles are small plush-creatures. Invitingly they look at the visitor making him leave a small message on the recorder inside them. Whoever picks them up next, may hear the message and erase
it with a new one.

Pebbles communicate their messages to anybody who will listen. You may exchange them, you may leave them behind or you may find them.

I’m trying to tell you I love you was on show at Keim&Crime, Weimar in January 2004, at the Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin in Febuary 2004 and at the Gallery threewalls,
Chicago in May 2004.

Exhibition – I’m trying to tell you I love you


I love you

What is he saying?

Get off?! No?!

Tell you a secret…

Hey! Come On, listen!