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the Schokoladen


An exhibition of and about chocolate.

Cornelia Erdmann (Hong Kong/Germany) and Brendan Goh (Singapore) create impressions of flavour, image and memory out of the sweet delicacy, bringing a sense of wonder to the everyday activity of eating through engaging the senses.

Food and art are usually categorised as separate things. This exhibition, however, invites you to re-imagine the possibilities that exist between the two. Consuming something, in this case whether art or food, is about feeding the body and mind, but why not do both at the same time? Through this process, one can experience art with different senses—sight, smell, taste, touch and sound, and indulge but also reflect about issues of eating and living as one sees, tastes, consumes and finally expels art.

Featured in this show will be edible artworks as well as a dinner (Everything with Chocolate) for 12 persons on Saturday, 15th of January with and by the artists, with prior reservation only.

Other presented artworks are:
Fo Tan Factories
Taste Mapping
Wah Luen Industrial Centre
Block B, 16/F Unit 18
15-21 Wong Chuk Yeung Street
Fotan, Hong Kong SAR

Sat 8 Jan–Sun 16 Jan 2011
12–6 pm (weekdays)
12–7 pm (weekends)
Closed on Mondays

For enquiries, please contact
Cornelia Erdmann
+852 3568 6110

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the SCHOKOLADEN – Fotanian 2011


Schokoladen-Visitors Everywhere

Conversation with visitors

Chocolate Factories

Chocolate World Map

Chocolate World Map – Australia

Visitors helping to eat the Chocolate World Map

Cameras everywhere

Kumkuat in Caramel & Chilli

Visitors trying new creation

Figs Stuffed with Brazil Nuts Dipped in Milk Chocolates with Mustard Seeds

We have new creations everyday

Curry & Coconut in White Chocolate with Cashew & Chili Truffle