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Fo Tan Factories

Edible installation
Dark chocolate, toasted almonds, rice krispies, cornflakes, street map
scale 1:200

Fotan is one of the few remaining industrial areas of Hong Kong, but is also known for its thriving art community that has taken over the industrial spaces as studios after industrial activities moved to mainland China. Some light manufacturing and production – often food, dim sum or baked goods – are still carried out in the high-rise blocks. As one wanders through, odours of grease and metal are punctuated by scents of roast meat or freshly baked rolls, truly an olfactory combination that relates to the identity and character of Fotan.
Fotan Factories is an installation that solidifies that essence in a sweet treat. All the industrial buildings are rebuilt in chocolate forms as a 3D scale model of the area. They are solid blocks as their original counterparts, but crunchy with a smooth taste of dark chocolate when eaten.
Encouraged to purchase the factories one by one – visitors turned into ephemeral property tycoons. Property speculation has become troublesome in Fotan, as increasingly, investors speculate with property in the name of profit while the art community struggles to sustain their lives as rent and property prices rocket. In the meantime, at least for a moment or two, these Fotan Factories sugar-coat the issue and allow a deferral of reality as they melt in our mouths.
Fo Tan Factories is part of the exhibition the Schokoladen.