Taste Mapping

The world in chocolate, edible installation
Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts, chocolate with strawberry yoghurt, white chocolate, chocolate with raisins, chocolate with cocoa nibs

One of the most commonly eaten foods, chocolate is made from cocoa beans, grown mostly in the tropics, while much of the production takes place elsewhere. Hence, there exists an entire range of chocolate with various flavours and fillings, only limited by the imagination, to cater to the tastes of consumers across the world
Most chocolate aficionados will swear by their favourite brand when asked which of them is the tastiest, but is there a difference between the products of one company or country to another? We broke up a collection of chocolate bars and assembled them into continents and landmasses, charting the countries of origin of different types of store-bought chocolate, creating an edible tasting board that visitors were invited to try.
Stripped from their elaborate packaging, it became almost impossible to discern the different chocolates from each other.
The work Taste Mapping is part of the exhibition the Schokoladen.